Death Of A Rainbow

I've given this some thought and have decided to put an end to all this foolishness. The past couple of months have been a working nightmare, where very little of my free time is spent doing anything fun. This is not an excuse to get out of doing regular updates but this isn't fun for me anymore.
Besides i've been putting more energy into creating my own music than uploading other peoples' tunes.
No hard feelings...


Heliocentrics Double Double

Just to let you know that i've not fallen off the face of the earth, i'm posting some of my favourite new music from an album that is shaping up to be my favourite of the year. The Heliocentrics are a live funk and jazz band that have a strong grasp of hip hop.
Damn i needs some more band members...

Check out Beyond Repair by The Heliocentrics
Check out The Zero Hour by The Heliocentrics
Taken from Out There


Dead Animals

Still working out my computer problem but i couldn't resist posting this new Black Moth Super Rainbow video. Best creepy video in ages! Can't wait till next Friday...


Unfortunately Elephants Never Forget

My pc, which has all my music, is under the weather so it may be a little while before i'll be "pulling" anything out fer y'all. Hopefully not too long.


Last Night's Episode

Just posting last night's episode of Heroes to see how long the bloody thing will be active. I might be wasting my time with this but who cares really.
Found at TV Links

The San Francisco Treat

New album out by those Californian doom and gloomers The Warlocks, Heavy Deavy Skull Lover is their most experimental to date. Having exchanged guitar solos for an even more layered sound is very reminiscent of Chapterhouse minus the cheesy dance beats. Does this make sense? Really. My descriptions of the shit i'm listening to are a little lame when i read back over the past year. I'll start again.
Warlocks are good.

Check out Dreamless Days by The Warlocks
Taken from Heavy Deavy Skull Lover


City Wide Static Low Frequency

I haven't had the time to edit some of the new material we're working on but i'm hoping in the coming months to throw some new City Wide tracks online. My new laptop seems to be a great second keyboard that will eventually retire my old 505 for good.
Enjoy this old track from our second album...

Check out These Rubber Pants by City Wide Walkie Talkie
Taken from Planet Of The Super Speakers
*Photo by Buttwig McLongstroke


Melody Day Live

Those makers of taste, Stereogum, have posted this decent live video for Melody Day by Caribou. Have the sixties returned? Better dust off the rotting hippie in my closet!
Then again maybe i best not do that. They stink...

Check out Melody Day by Caribou
Taken from Andorra
Visit the Caribou myspace page


Blktop Roadtrippin'

During a 2002 road trip sponsored by skate mag SLAP, Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbie, Matt Rodriguez and fellow skaters/musicians, with instruments in tow, recorded a nifty little ep full of mellow jazziness that became Blktop Project. Its funny when i hear the Beasties doing this stuff. Its just not as smoothly orchestrated (that's not a dig). Hopefully we'll get a full length album from these guys soon.

Check out From Here To Where by Blktop Project
Taken from Blktop Project


Learning 'Bout The Funk With Baby Elephant

Prince Paul does the hip hop parody with an untouchable flare and his collaborative outfit Baby Elephant with Newkirk and Bernie Worrell is just another humour filled stepping stone. Bringing in guests George Clinton, David Byrne and others adds some fresh ideas that i haven't heard from this guy in awhile.
I'm playing the title track from the new album this fine eve. Although it is an instrumental, i'm diggin' the twisted groove of it all.

Check out Turn My Teeth Up! by Baby Elephant
Taken from Turn My Teeth Up
Visit the Baby Elephant myspace page


Read A Book

I came across this great cartoon over at Soul Crates and just wet myself a little. Seriously funny informative piece on living a better life brought to you by Not A Rapper.

Zen Loves The 80s But Hates Rick

From that great hip hop staple Stones Throw comes another reworked jem with Baron Zen's At The Mall Remixes. Yelling just makes the electro seem like i'm listening to 80s kids songs but stranger.
Like singing about rocker hair cuts. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Check out Gotta Get Ridda Rick (James Pants remix) by Baron Zen
Taken from At The Mall Remixes